Organise less, live more!

You’re so busy that you don’t have time to get organised. Or you’re working so hard at being organised that you don’t have any time left to actually live your life. Or you’re so unorganised that your life is a mess and you waste your time trying to get things done and finding things every-single-day.

Either way, I’m here to help. I believe in organisation, as long as it does not get into life’s way. Let’s organise to live, let’s not live to organise.

Organisation as I see it is simple. It builds on what your life is instead of trying to change your habits and yourself. Being organised is about embracing the mess of your life, accepting this is the way it is and organically managing the flow of physical and mental clutter generated by our busy schedules.

Here I share my tips, tricks and finds about guilt-free home organisation.

My name is Raphaele and I run La Creature and you. I make very useful bags and super handy boxes. These babies are my way to contribute to organising the world, one drawer at a time. I am a French Dubliner obsessed with little black dresses and chocolate. I suck at board games.

You can get organisation wisdom in your mailbox every month. With my newsletter you’ll get practical advice and also a lot of good vibes that will feel like a very nice pat on the back. Come on, sign up!

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