She Wears the Pants – book review


Now that’s refreshing: here is a sewing book with nothing girly about it! According to Tuttle, the publisher, Yuko Takada’s book focuses on the “borrowed from the boys” trend. I say this book gives us the tools to make our own stuff, even if we’re not on the flowery side of the spectrum. I can’t help thinking of Colette and this is quite exciting.


First thing first: the pieces this book offers are super stylish. As always with Yuko Takada, a designer elegance infused with simplicity transpires from every shirt, dress and jacket. These are garments that are not found in high street brands catalogue. This is wardrobe basic material with a radically modern je ne sais quoi. For instance, the Mini Dress and the Top with Epaulettes (shown in stripes) are two pieces you need, just like everybody else does, and on top of this you will be so proud to have made then yourself!


But as the title suggests, this book is mostly about women wearing man inspired clothing. I have the biggest crush for the Tippets that are basically man jacket lapels made up as fashion items of their own. I particularly fell for the version including the braces ends. The Jumper Skirt also stole my heart: it looks so much like an apron, but so much like a dress. It is surely the next one I make for myself.

Other garments featured in the book are less challenging and would totally fit a more conservative wardrobe: classic looking Tapered Trousers, Fleece Jacket or Dotted Blouse. There are also great comfy and stylish pieces on offer that can introduce sewers to work with knits: Draped Mini Dress and Square Top.

As always in Takada’s books, full size pull-out patterns are included to work for sizes XS to L. The instructions make for more than half of the book and I have found them quite detailed. Techniques for a neat collar are demonstrated and there is a part about sewing on stretch fabrics. You’re all covered, now all you need is to pick your fabric!


This is not a sponsored post. I didn’t buy the book but remember I only review interesting stuff and always tell what I think about any product I review.


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