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Keep Your Home Organised with BrightNest


The guys at BrightNest asked me to post a review of their app. I don’t usually do sponsored posts, but I got totally hooked on this. The BrightNest website is an endless source of tips and ticks and hacks to make your life easier/more organised/more beautiful. I didn’t get to test the app because it is not available for my location (Ireland). That said, after 5 minutes on the website, I had found plenty of treasure posts, to name only a few: “Get crafty with chalkboard paint” (aren’t you obsessed with chalkboard paint too?), “Pest control: spiders” (don’t tell me you like spiders) or “Clean your dishwasher” (yes, mine tends to stink too). Go, have a look and tell me you didn’t find something interesting. I dare you, like.

On Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and various other social media outlets, you’ll come across a collection of helpful home maintenance and organising tips, but sometimes it can be such a hassle and time consuming sifting through these websites. When it’s all about managing their living spaces, homeowners probably want something convenient to refer to, where they can easily search for ways to promote productivity and simplicity in their homes. As more companies go mobile, apps are clearly the perfect tools to assist them with household chores and decorating, particularly an app called BrightNest.

With the number of smartphone users nearly doubling in three years according to the managing company of entertainment hub Pocket Fruity, consumers are finding more ways to improve daily living through their devices. Statista shares that productivity apps are among the most popular types of app downloads, which further demonstrates just how practical your smartphone can be while you’re sorting out your closet space or applying organisation hacks in your kitchen.

Powered by Angie’s List, BrightNest is a company that supplies community members with a wide selection of tips and tools to shape up your home that recently launched a free app on iTunes and Google Play. From setting up cleaning schedules and bill reminders to interior decor ideas, the app is equipped with everything you need to maintain and beautify your home. Having been called “Lifehacker for your home” by Wired, BrightNest will provide you with tips tailored to your needs, with tips categorised from green to hungry. It also schedules important tasks, as well as sets notifications for home reminders. Other than those standard functions, the app also has a huge database of articles designed to enhance your living arrangements. Whether you want to learn how to upcycle wine bottles or need easy-to-follow instructions on making homemade disinfectant spray, BrightNest has got you covered.

To use this app, you will need to sign up on the main website, though if you’re concerned about membership fees, BrightNest accounts are completely free and so is the Android/iOS app.


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