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A touch of gold – DIY tutorials round-up


We love gold don’t we? I mean I do, and according to Pinterest I’m not the only one. I have started collecting all these tutorials featuring golden accents and gold paint and all the goldy goodness in this Pinterest board called Touch of gold. Here is a selection of some of my favourites by really talented crafters.

DIY gold magnetic letters by Inspired by Charm

touch-gold-magnetic-lettersMy microwave oven will look all different after this. Worn out plastic letters have been sitting on there for years doing absolutely nothing useful and looking a bit tired. Thanks to Michael, they will look all shiny and I will look rich!

Sequined Monogram Wall Art by LuLu*s



You don’t even need to be a font freak like me to see how much this piece of decor is awesome. Ashley shows you how to do it with a papier maché letter, a glue gun and some sequin trimmings.

Golden coffee mugs by Garland of Grace



Heather says coffee tastes better in those and I believe her. I love the discreet luxurious look and feel of those.

DIY gold desk dishes by Homey Oh My!

touch-gold-desk-cupsIf you paint gold the bottom of your desk organising thingies, work will be so much easier. And life will be beautiful. And you may even get extra rich, but this I can’t promise. Anyway Amy has it all covered with this tutorial which cleverly re-purposes sugar jars.

For more gold infused DIYs, just go and check my dedicated Pinterest board. And let me know if you come across some other one you feel I should know about!

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