Craft organisation

My mood-inspiration-feel good-notice board


Sometimes it takes a simple thing to make your life simpler. My mood + inspiration +feel good + notice board is a good example of this. With only a few cork boards, some washi tape and a handful of stickers I got my work routine back on track. Here is what I did…

These 4 cork place mats were hanging in my messy craft stash and seemed really bored (bored/board, you see what I did here?). So I stuck them above my mantel piece with some blue tack. I instantly like the way the board was naturally divided into four parts. I used them for: 1) Inspiration, 2) Lovely memories, 3) Weekly schedule, 4) Ideas to develop.


In Area 1 I stick all that inspires me, mostly for colour schemes and patterns. You can see at the moment I’m obsessed with Art Nouveau floral, dusty colours and chalk board lettering!

Area 2 is were I put everything that helps me feel good: a card from my child, a stupid family picture, a doggy sticker…

Area 3 is more business like: every Monday I stick the week relevant pages taken from my 2014 Creative Business Planner. This way they don’t sit hidden in their binder and I can have a look at my work objectives anytime. Do you see how my progress is under close scrutiny? These eyes stickers from Tiger Stores all look towards what is very important: ob-jec-tives.

Finally area 4 is where I can let the steam off. Because being organised is good, but to run a creative business you have to be… creative too. So I have all these lists of projects I need to complete or products I should develop and I had to it as I go.

With all the important stuff stuck on the wall I feel more free to forget about practical stuff. I know where it is and I won’t forget it. This is what organisation is about as far as I’m concerned…


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