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Lolly sticks to the rescue – thread and ribbon organisation


Today I share a great secret with you: you will never look extremely organised unless you were a total mess at some point AND you own a ridiculous amount of lolly sticks. And I succeed, at least for the mess and lolly sticks part. I am also getting better at the organisation stuff though it has been a while since my last craft organisation post. Let me show you how I stored my ribbon pieces and embroidery threads.

Embroidery thread

Look at what I had to work with so far:


Pretty ugly, I know. Here I did three things:

  1. Sorted the full skeins with label and everything from the loose pieces of thread. The skeins found a space to live in my sewing box.
  2. Got rid of the loose pieces too short to be of any use and/or whom the colour didn’t inspire me.
  3. Rolled each of the remaining piece of thread around a lolly stick and secured the end with a slit.

This is better, isn’t it?



This one has been on my list forever. Though I have some full spools of ribbons I also have a lot of loose pieces. Until now they were stored in two small glass jars I have been tidying and sorting all the time. But to no avail: I could never see what I had in store unless I got all the pieces out of the jar. I have tried to skim down the stock by getting rid of the ribbons that made me car sick. But still it looked like this:


I grabbed my lolly sticks and a box of dressmaking needles. While I was catching up on some drama on internet I wound each piece of ribbon around a lolly stick and secured the lot with a needle. I traded my small jars for larger ones and now I have one for lace/blue/grey/neutrals and one for bright colours. Look, I can see all I have and it looks nice:


Organised supplies take far less space, you know all you have and you could even find out you have less than you thought.

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