Who won the Christmas giveaway?


Yes we have a winner! And you know what? There has been so many of you to enter and share a bit of yourself that I have decided to randomly pick not only one but three winners. Before anything else I want to thank you all of you who entered and shared some funny fact with us all. It seems we all have some weirdness in us and I think that’s what make us all unique and beautiful!

Now for the prizes. First place gets a happy bag: two pairs of spotty button hair pins, a felt cottage ornament, a blue birds ornament, a snow flake ornament, mum and baby bunny, all packed in one of my organic love tote bag. Second place gets an organic love bag and a felt cottage ornament. Third place wins an organic love bag and a pair of spotty button hair pins. So who needs a Santa now?

Drum rolls. The three winners have been picked at random among the list of entrants and they are:

First place: Lauren who takes her coffee black and loves “19 kids and counting”.

Second place: Katie who has a huge dot in the middle of her forehead from poking it with a pencil when she was a child.

Third place: Alisha who is afraid of needles but plans on getting a tattoo soon.

Well done ladies, I’ll get in touch shortly to get you details so I can send you your prize.

Thanks again everyone and keep the weird stuff up!

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