What a year – 2013 in 12 posts


Is it the new year yet? Where has 2013 gone? This was a busy year business wise and it feels good to look back. Before I do this I want to wish all my lovely readers a happy new year full of joy, love and laughter. Of course I also wish you a crafty and creative 2014! So what happened here in 2013? Here the highlights of my bloggy year.


My welly boots pillow was featured in the Stitch Spring edition. If felt wow.



The Fairview and Marino knitting and crochet group went public. Meaning we got out of Busy Mama’s kitchen so we could welcome more fellow crafters. It was a good move as meeting all these ladies (yep, still no boys) is always a joy.



I published my most popular tutorial to date: the cardboard bird house. Funny because it is a paper project and my primary craft involve needles and stitches, It is great to get out of my comfort zone because I get to meet an all different set of people.



I was sharing my April dress. My pledge was to make a dress a month but I have to say I stopped somewhere in September because I have my eye on some pattern and fabric but I will need to save a bit before I can go on. Anyway it was a great learning experience, I learned a lot and improve my sewing skills a lot. Plus it helped me accepting more myself as I am, which is a good bonus!



We were talking about Mental Health as part of the Green Ribbon Campaign. My mental health improved so much this year, I can say I am about to get rid of the meds which is a big milestone. All thanks to support from my family and friends, brilliant health care team but with also a lot of up and downs. To you all that feel low: don’t stop trying, I can tell you it does get better.



This was the month of the first Fab Irish Crafter interview. In fairness I didn’t stick to my initial goal of one interview a month. But I will keep trying because promoting talented Irish crafters and makers of all sorts is something really important to me.



I was making a polite pocket mirror, that is it is reading “you are beautiful”. Just one of the little things craft can do to help us all feel better. I really believe it is that powerful.



I was launching my best seller Yarn Love project bag. This was milestone for my business as it marked a new and more personal approach to my products and marketing. Be ready as you’ll see more of that stuff in 2014!



I finally got to organise my wrapping paper with this lovely paper basket. 2013 was big in terms of re organising my craft stuff, it makes such a difference in productivity. But I have to say this is eternal work in progress…



Fairs, fairs and more fairs. I was getting ready for the big Christmas rush. No need to say November and December were mad busy and I didn’t have to many week-ends off. But what a great experience, I learnt a lot about my craft, my customers and what they would need. Plus I met a bunch of deadly fellow crafters. I’ll do it again this year, but may get a bit more organised.


Not more organisation but better organisation. I stumbled upon Lisa’s Creative Business planner and was instantly smitten. It got me all motivated to set proper goals and stick to them, I have a feeling it will work a treat. I have already noticed that I don’t run into whatever new idea I have and focus on my priorities instead.



A red and white Christmas. This was the plan and I stuck to it. I made a lot of hand made decoration and ornaments, sold some and dreamt about even more. Of course, halfway through December I already found a new idea and have already decided on my colours for Christmas 2014. Ahem, don’t call the police yet please.


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