Send a Norbert – Christmas cards in French and English


And this week cover boy is: Norbert! To fit my red & white theme I have transferred him to my Christmas cards thanks to my new friend Photoshop. I am really a beginner when it comes to drawing with Photoshop but my clumsiness fits well with Norbert’s personality. The print actually features and empty cloud, no star and no ornaments on the text. I added star and heart stickers and metallic paint on the text to give more texture to the all lot.

The good thing when you make your own cards is you can pick whatever text so I made two versions: one in English and one in French. The English one reads “Merry Christmas” of course and I will try and get them in the post in time for Christmas. The “Joyeuses Fêtes” of the French version would rather translate as “Happy Holidays”. “Fêtes” refers to the end of year celebrations, that is Christmas and New Year. As in France the card is meant to wish a happy new year people can send them up to the end of January.

Anyway you can use Norbert’s card if you wish so (prints on A4 paper):

Now I have my cards designed I’d rather make sure to actually send them!

2 thoughts on “Send a Norbert – Christmas cards in French and English

    1. You’re very welcome Geraldine. I put the ornaments you gave me on our tree, they are really nice! For the record, you were the recipient of the first Norbert card ever!

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