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Advent calendar – mixed fillings


Did you ever had a love/hate relationship with an Advent Calendar? Me neither. Until yesterday that is. Here is the Advent Calendar I came up with over the week-end and I am not sure what to think about it. I got really inspired by Erlend at Morning Creativity. I love the idea of getting my little one to actually tear a paper lid to get to their Advent treat. I had some ideas to make the project fully mine but unfortunately it didn’t turn out as expected.


Instead of the house shaped suggested by Erlend, I went for a triangular Christmas tree shape. It was a bit of a last minute decision. Thanks to this nasty habit of us of not discarding used toilet rolls and my daughter’s impressive stash (don’t ask) I was able to gather 12 toilet rolls at very short notice. Little did I know toilet rolls come in various sizes. This shows on the middle row: I had to find a way to use the smaller rolls without too much damage to the shape of the calendar.


I am not overwhelmed with love for the design of the thing but I think with proper staging it will look ok on the mantel piece. I plan to make a better one for next year and here are the traps I should avoid then:

  • Numbers should not be black. Red would have worked better.
  • I should plan well in  advance so I get enough toilet rolls of the SAME size.
  • If going for the circular outline on each roll, I should use a marker or a better brush. This should be thiner with neat edges.
  • Remember a 9 can easily be misread as a reversed 6 and the other way around. Did you notice I have two 9 and not a single 6 on my calendar?
  • Should practice my glitter spreading skills before next time!

Now for the fillings. I can’t totally get rid of the traditional treats as my kids are really expecting them, they made it quite clear. They also love to get a little treasure hunt to find out where the sweets are hidden in the house. So this year again fillings will alternate sweets and Christmas experiences:

  • Make Christmas decoration
  • Make and send Christmas cards
  • Pick toys to donate and bring them to the charity shop
  • Making treat bags and leaving them at random in the neighbourhood
  • Decorate the Christmas tree
  • Buy a Christmas tree and some decorations
  • Bake cookies
  • Go to the movies (a cinema near us shows Elf this year!)
  • Decorate our front window
  • Go to dad’s work Christmas party
  • Stay up late to watch some Christmassy telly
  • Go and see the Christmas lights in town
  • Read Christmas stories

Are your Advent Calendars ready? I would love to see what everybody is doing!

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