Polar Bear ornament – DIY tutorial


Meet Norbert (pronounce Norbear, he is French you see) the Polar Bear. Norbert looks unimpressed because he doesn’t really like Christmas. But his Aunt Lili gave him a fair isle scarf so he agreed to get a picture taken. Chances are you know a Norbert. That’s why I’ll show you how to make your own. It takes less than 30 minutes and some fleece or felt.

I used some fleece left over from a blanket I used as padding for a quilt. But it would work well with felt or any thick wool. Norbert is 9cm (3 1/2”) across, he would look just great on a Christmas tree. And he will as he just joined my pool of red and white ornaments.



To make your own Norbert ornament you will need:

  • Template provided here ;
  • Some white fleece (or felt if you prefer) ;
  • A very small amount of red felt ;
  • White ribbon ;
  • Charcoal grey embroidery floss ;
  • Red and white thread.

1 – Cut out

Using the template, cut out two bear shapes out of the white fleece. Cut two layers at the same time to make they are identical.

2 – The face

With two threads of embroidery floss, make a non plussed face for Norbert. The eyes are three parallel and very close longish stitches. The mouth is a simple x.


3 – The body

Fold a piece of white ribbon and sandwich both ends between body layers. Pin  in place. Make a running stitch all around the body.


4 – The scarf

Now Norbert looks a bit naked. Let’s add a scarf. Cut out a 1 x 10 cm (1/2” x 4”) piece of red felt. Fold and lay around the bear’s neck with both ends heading downwards. With red thread make a running stitch across the width of the scarf close to the neck and making sure you stitch both layers. Now pull the thread to create pleats. Repeat until you’re happy with the pleating and finish with a normal finishing knot to secure all in place.


Add some fair isle details to the scarf: with white thread stitch stars, lines or whatever you want. If you’re going for perfection do it at the back of the ornament too. Personally I didn’t. Cut the fringe in the ends of the scarf.


Why hello Norbert, are you lost? Would you like to hang out on my Christmas tree?


This tutorial is part of the Christmas ornament link-up hoster by Laura at Bugs and Fishes. Honestly go and check all the tutorials out, there are some ridiculously gorgeous projects for you to try.

19 thoughts on “Polar Bear ornament – DIY tutorial

    1. Oh yes, he is already feeling better. What I didn’t mention in the post is he as a brother, so this is easier for them to settle down.

  1. Norbert the Polar Bear – love it! And his cute little face. And his little scarf, while I’m at it.

    Adorable tutorial Raphaele 🙂

    p.s. Ooops, don’t know what happened with my previous comment. Burn it with fire.

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