Dala Horse Ornament – DIY tutorial


This year our Christmas tree ornaments will be in red and white only. And made by us as much as possible. I made this little dala horse and want to share the step by step tutorial with you guys. It is made of felt with a ric-rac hanging loop and some red and white thread for embellishment. This traditional Swedish horse was initially made of wood and comes in plenty of colours, so whatever your Christmas colour obsession is, it will fit. It takes only a few supplies and is rather easy, can be completed in 30-45 minutes.



To make your own dala horse you will need:

  • Template provided for free and available here ;
  • Some red and white felt ;
  • Red ric-rac ;
  • White and red thread to match felt.

1 – Cut out the felt

Using the three shapes provided in the template, cut two red horses, two white saddles and two white manes. Also cut two small rectangle that will be used for the girth.

2 – Stitch saddle and mane

Lay a white saddle, girth and mane on each red horse. Remember the two horses should face different directions. Once you are sure every thing fit perfectly you can start stitching with one red thread. Make a backstitch curve on the saddle and fill in with diagonal lines. Stitch a cross stitch in each of the recess of the saddle. Make three parallel stitches on the girth. On the mane stitch two curves using a backstitch again.dala-horse-ornament-tutorial-step2

3 – Stitch bridle

Make bridle with a double white thread using running stitch. The eye is made of three close parallel stitches.

4 – Finish

Lay two horse shapes wrong sides together and sandwich both ends of the folded ric-rac between layers. Attach together using a whip stitch. Tadaaaah!


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