Little red in the city: book review

Knitting books were never on my radar because when it comes to knitting I get everything I need from yarn shops, craft circles and Internet. I didn’t even realised one could write a book about knitting, silly isn’t it? But the other day I stumbled upon Little Red in the City by Ysolda Teague in my most excellent public library and everything changed. This book is about more than knitting you see, it is all about respect.


Respect the yarn


Really? Have I lost my mind? The thing is Ysolda Teague knows it is better to think before you knit rather than the other way around. She wants us all to make great garments we will wear and cherish because they fit us so well we feel at home when wearing them. To achieve this we need to know the yarn, how it is made, how it will behave with a given size of needles, how the way we knit can affect the fabric we create. Respect the yarn, knitter, respect the swatch too. I was already convinced of the importance of the swatch, especially because I do lots of yarn substitutions. But reading Teague’s book I have found out I am a slouchy swatcher. I now know I should knit larger samples, how to count the rows properly and why the sample should also be blocked. But you know what, I am rather excited by this because Little red in the city makes swatch knitting like a fun and scientific adventure, like a mini project.

Respect the body


For a knitted garment to fit perfectly it should also know the body it is going to dress. That is where Teague’s science of measuring and fitting comes in handy. She explains in depth how and where to take these measurements, what type of positive or negative ease works best and where. Last but not least she offers her recipes to alter patterns so they fit perfectly. Whatever your body shape, Little red in the city will give you the knitted garment your beautiful body deserves. And this matters a lot. Each design is modelled by both a skinny and a curvy lady (Ysolda herself and friend Amanda Allen) and they are both beautiful.

There is more to this great book. The designs are gorgeous. Classical with a modern twist, they are meant to live a long and happy life. There is also stuff for the knitting nerd: several techniques like short rows or tubular cast on are explained with step by step graphics. So go on and check your local public library, this is a must read in my humble opinion.


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