Mini Halloween folding screen – DIY tutorial


Of course we’ve been making pumpkins and other orange wonders in all sorts of materials. This year we extend Halloween decoration to our mantel piece. As the kids grow, they are able to turn up more decoration and I now have no space left for my own creative expression in our front window and porch. So I made this mini folding screen with eyes that get really spooky when it gets dark and they are lit from the back with tea candles. Here are the few steps for you to make your own.


You can make three of them with one single A4 size sheet of light card. It would take you around one hour, maybe less if you have better drawing skills than me (did you get the alien, just next to the cat?). Of course you have to be very careful if you use actual candles, never let the thingy unattended. Alternatively you could use LED lights which don’t tend to burn paper.


To make three folding screen (each one folding into four tiers) you will need:

  • A4 black card ;
  • Orange tissue paper ;
  • White pencil (or anything you can see on black) ;
  • Utility knife ;
  • Paper glue.

1 – Cut you A4 sheet into 3 equals strips. Fold one strip into 4 parts, folding into two and then again. Make sure the fold is well marked.


2 – Draw one spooky creature on each of the 4 parts of the strip. We are now working on the wrong side so the guy you draw on the right will show on the left when seen from the right side. Tip: make the eyes a bit too large so they still look dramatic once cut out and filled with tissue paper.


3 – Cut out the head shapes and the eyes. As the card is sturdy enough you can leave in portions for eyeballs (now this really sounds halloweeny). Here is how it will look on the right side:


4 – Go back to the wrong side. Cut out and stick a piece of tissue paper to cover all the eyes and mouth opening. Finito, you’re done!


It will also probably work for Christmas with white, red or green colours. I’ll probably try this out and let you know.

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