Dots and stripes – new pillow covers


Dots and stripes, stripes and dots, doesn’t it sound like the ultimate heavenly combination? Lately I have been obsessed by the extra large version of them. The result of this obsession has been expressed on pillow covers and is now available in my Etsy shop.

I had fun with the dots: they are large and of various sizes though the difference is not easily noticeable. Scattered at the random all over the pillow cover they are like bubble of joy. I am getting very lyrical here but I think this is due to the gorgeous metallic golden fabric paint: it really makes this pillow cover a happy one. This is a surprisingly versatile home decor element: I have tried it against cream walls, black sofa, light blue walls, white and brown Jack Russell, it works all the time.


Also a while ago I got a cup in a euro shop which I have been using all the time since then. It is one of these wider and shorter cups with large white and purple stripes. I love it so much I had to make a matching pillow cover, chic isn’t it? I carefully mixed my colour so it really matched the cup, the result is a gorgeous plum purple. Here again I used natural cotton and the colours work so well together!

I am now off to work my head off to stock for this Sunday craft fair. But before that I think I need a cup of tea and a look at Handmade Monday 138.

7 thoughts on “Dots and stripes – new pillow covers

  1. both are gorgeous and i can see them being really versatile too. I love the idea of matching the colours to your new cup! 🙂

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