Sew Chic – Happy Homemade: Book review

You’ve got to love Yoshiko Tsukiori! Remember how I got all excited about Stylish Dress BookShe did it again with her latest book published in English: Happy Homemade: Sew Chic: 20 Simple Everyday Designs. I was lucky enough to be sent the book by Tuttle Publishing a bit in advance of the release date for review. Thanks Yoshiko and Tuttle, you guys made my day.

sew-chic-review4Where to start? With the back cover of course: see the range of projects explained in this book. These are mainly dresses and blouses but there are also a few skirts, a jacket, trousers and shorts I am now dying to make. Even if you don’t sew you’ll surely have a good time flicking through the pages as the designs are just plain pretty and the pictures styling close to crazy yummy. It is simple, cute and inspired with soft patterns and savvy details. Definitely not for the show off kind of girl.


Projects range from easy to advanced.  The garments involve a cool set of techniques such as smocks, frill, shirring or gathering. It could therefore be a good book for a beginner to progress to a more advanced level. The book is also a delight for the seasoned sewist: the designs are simple but offer endless possibilities and as far as I am concerned a new take on basic shapes. Right now I am dying to make the Pinafore Dress on page 21.


Full size patterns are included in separate sheets nicely tucked in an envelope at the end of the book. Several elements are sharing each sheet so it may get confusing at first but you very quickly get used to it. The explanations are concise but clear as always. I was concerned with the Stylish Dress Book as some steps were assumed rather than explained and could therefore confuse the beginner. This book addresses the issue by including basic techniques pages. I love techniques pages, they are often my favourite pages in a craft book (nerdy, I know). Though the machine tips are really for beginners I learnt a couple of interesting things. I particularly enjoyed the basic tools part: I found out about fascinating things like the mini ruler, fabric weight and bodkin. An other possible issue for the beginner is that seam allowance is not included in patterns. There is also a part about this in the technique pages.


All in all a lovely book that will join my precious ones on my crafty library shelf. I am sure you’ll hear about it on this blog quite soon. But first I need to find out about some of the fabric featured in Sew Chic as I absolutely need to have them!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the book by the publisher but didn’t get paid for the review, I only review books I choose to review and express my own opinion only. I am also part of the Amazon Associates Programme. If one of my readers clicks on the amazon links (first picture and first link of the post), I would earn a percentage of their purchases with Amazon.

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