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Bespoke paper basket – upcycling wrapping paper


Nothing beats a good old before / after! Back to school is a time of year where it feels even better to make improvements in the house overall tidiness. As you can see, my wrapping paper stash was a nightmare. But thanks to this blog post and a Japanese tutorial I now own a paper basket that fits perfectly the corner behind the door, how neat!

paper-basket-closeupYou know how online merchants can over wrap goods with this (yummy to me) brown paper. I have been saving some for this project for a while. It actually only used a small part of my stock though. I am not displeased with the result as this was my first try and I whipped it up in an hour, between meal cooking and other kitchen stuff. The basket is made of woven paper strips. These strips are made by folding paper several times and sewing them flat.

On the basket dimensions – First you need to figure out what size you want your basket to be. This will give you the width and length of the base. You’ll also need to know how high the basket should be, and make sure your base paper strips can go up to it twice.

Next time I make one I will make sure: 1) to wave the strips as tightly as possible ; 2) the side strips are long enough to go around the basket at least once. It would also be interesting to play with the thread colour or even to stitch pattern on the pattern. Anyway: to be continued…

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