Yum sandwich bags – shop update


Here is the latest addition to my Etsy homeware shop: reusable sandwich bags featuring a smiling YUM text. I first made some of those for my kids because with one lunch box a day there was a lot of room for improvement. So now instead of using one plastic bag a day (forget cleaning and reusing them: they NEVER bring back the plastic bag, however not nicely I ask) we now have a bunch of reusable bags. When we feel they are dirty, we just shake the crumbs and pop them in the wash with other kitchen towels and napkins.


Size and text have been adjusted to make a more attractive bag. They are now available in leaf green and turquoise blue. They can be closed with a flap at the top. I plan to make some more with new designs because they are so much fun to make!


I spent most of last week (and the week before) on these babies. So now as a treat I am heading to the Handmade Harbour to see what everybody else is up to.

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