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Let’s get the curtain look – August dress


Let’s not even mention the fact I made the August dress in September. I had the pattern and fabric ready ages ago. But somehow I got distracted (by what? Autumn, back to school, Breaking Bad?) and only got to tackle it yesterday. I am now ready to share my take on the Staple Dress by April Rhodes.

Does it show on my face how proud I am? I am telling you: this pattern is excellent (more on this later). The fabric is from Ikea, probably initially designed to dress a chair rather than a curvy middle age French girl. But I fell for the 50’s pattern though I never wear anything with so much white or yellow. Same goes for the pattern: I would never had thought I could like it haven’t I seen it on a fellow Kollabora member. That’s lesson number one for today my friends: try something different, it may turn out good.

The design itself is brilliant as this seemingly simple dress has potential for  being wearable for several of the coming years. Can be dressed up or down easily. Would work well with a variety of fabrics: I picked some medium weight cotton, but just try wool, denim, linen or satin… Is uber comfortable and very forgiving. Features two good size pockets, ideal for the busy crafty chick.


Now for the pattern: it is an easy one I would definitely recommend to a beginner. The instructions are very clear and April always take the best and shortest way for any given step, dragging you along. I learnt so much making this dress! The only possible difficulty is the shirring at the waist but if you’re anything like me you like a bit of a challenge when crafting otherwise it would be boring. And shirring is a good skill to have anyway. Pockets are optional and you can chose straight or drop hem for the skirt.

I have some left over fabric and considering making a pillow out of it to carry with me everywhere I go, refusing to sit on anything else. People would not know where the dress ends and where the chair starts. Journalists would refer to me as the “armchair lady” and I would wine the Nobel Prize in Urban Camouflage. I would become famous. Sigh.

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