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Some yarn craft WIPs…


As knitting season is about to really kick in for me, let’s have a look at my current work in progress and recently finished projects. The latest one, and the one I am the most proud of, is this Bella Botanica shawl. The pattern by Karen Strauss features a plant at three stages of their life: new leaves, mature leaves and trumpet flowers. I made the shawl with some Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply I got from This is Knit in Dublin. Now the ugly truth is I first bought the yarn to knit a gift for someone else but gave up because my brain could not cope with the pattern at the time. Then it was too late for the gift and I naturally thought I would use the yarn for myself. I used 4 skeins for this project, which left 2 skeins (see the mittens in progress below).

Anyway, this was a pure joy to knit. The pattern is elaborated enough to be interested through out the project. But easy to memorise enough to fall into this meditation like state of mind created by repetition. The yarn felt so soft under my fingers and created such a lovely fabric! There is more: you can knit this shawl with virtually any yarn  and up to any size as young leaves and mature leaves pattern can be repeated any time. The finish product is delightful and though we are granted a nice Indian summer weather here in Dublin I can’t help wearing the shawl all the time. Around my neck during day time or on my shoulder when knitting at night. I also I need more so next I plan to use some socks yarn for an other shawl.


Vonica is a simple and elegant design, the ones I love most. I picked the yarn because I fell for this crushed plum colour. This is Wendy Merino, quite affordable and comfy DK yarn. It turns out this cardigan is my new dressing gown. It was meant to match most of my day outfits but I just love to put it on on a chilly morning. Don’t ask.


Here is what I make with my left over from the Botanica shawl: these adorable mittens. These are Wussypillows Mitts designed by Anne Hanson. This actually is a set with a beret to match. This will be the mystery of the autumn: will I have enough yarn to knit both?


Finally, more blue: I am still on my first crochet blanket. I am making giant granny square based on this pattern. This is my left over and budget yarn project. I got all types of blues in inexpensive acrylic yarns as I want the blanket to be a showcase of my favourite blues. At the moment I am making squares with Stylecraft Special DK I bought from the Knitting Room in Dublin. So far this is my favourite acrylic yarn to work with: it is soft, doesn’t split and makes up a lovely fabric, not too fat as other acrylic yarn would do.

Ok, now just ignore I have a lot of other projects in progress and just say “Well done for harnessing this over-WIP-ite of yours”. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Some yarn craft WIPs…

    1. Yes, I am trying to stick to my September resolution: don’t start any new new yarn project until you’ve finished these ones. Really tough.

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