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Yarn love project bags – sneak peak


Guys this is terrible: Summer is over. Kids are back to school next week, it is dark outside at 9 pm and the other day I actually had to wear a cardigan. Good news is: I am getting more time to focus on my business. And am now able to share with you my latest product: a project bag featuring a printed yarn love heart.

There is some kind of behaviour built in me: as soon as summer seems to be about to end, my entire being starts itching for smugly knitting project. I knit all year round but from around September the hobby turns into a slightly unhealthy obsession. I can be found scouting Ravelry day and night and I cast on approximately twice more projects than I actually finish. There are work in progress all over my house.


This year I will try and keep the mess at bay with these project bags. They can be home for a small to medium project and are large enough for an A4 pattern folded into two. They close with two cotton strings. They also feature a wristlet to allow for knitting or crochet on the go.

These babies can be personalised with a name, it would be a great gift bag for the knitter in your life. They will be up in my Etsy shop shortly but I couldn’t resist posting some pictures today because I am very happy with the way they turned out.

I have also completed a custom order for an Etsy client and these two “stuff” boxes are ready to fly to California. I think they are the last of their kind as this design will be discontinued to be replaced with an other one soon. So let’s all say bye-bye to them:


I am now heading over to the Handmade Harbour to see what everybody has been up to this week.

11 thoughts on “Yarn love project bags – sneak peak

  1. *waves* bye ‘stuff’ bags, can’t wait to see your new design. I love your project bags too, as someone who’s always got things on the go it’s a great idea to keep the things neatly and together.

    1. True, and these project bags are very handy when you need to grab a project to craft on the move (or rather in the waiting room).

  2. What a great idea your project bags are. I wonder how many I could fill? Hmm maybe best not to answer that! Your ‘stuff’ bags are great, are you sure you wish to leave them behind?

    1. I don’t totally give up on the “stuff” boxes but I have to change the design slightly for a stupid reason: I can’t get my hand on the supplies easily.

  3. Lovely bags! Modern feel and gorgeous simple design. I LOVE knitted patterns – in stamps, on mugs, on scrapbooking papers, as prints…
    I’ll have a look in your etsy shop now 🙂 I may be back soon!

    1. Thanks, I am delighted you feel like this about them. I am also a knitted pattern addict, I may add more of this stuff to my shop shortly 🙂

  4. Thank you Raphaele for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments. I think a fan of your blog already 🙂

    As for the cutting knives with rotating blades, is there any brand you could recommend or perhaps point to a place where they can be bought? I’d like to investigate it a bit further, now that you encouraged me even more. Yes, cutting the circles and any curves was the trickiest bit in the whole paper cutting. My fingers did hurt 😉

    I think I’ll be back for the bag with a knitted pattern with a personalized wording, sometime around the 15th September I think. I’ll keep in touch about that. I’ve got some scraps of wool and my lovely Norwegian yarn I’d like to store in it to protect it from dusting and our cats’ hair.
    Just an idea:
    would you be able to produce mugs with this printed pattern too? White mugs with red or black or whatever colour – with chosen motifs or simply all around the mug? I’m in love with this knitted weave. I even had to buy a set of stamps with a knitted pattern for myself to be able to make cards with it 🙂 and how about the cross stitch pattern!? Another one I love! (Seen one of my recent posts about the vintage cross stitched rose? There is a photo of a great wall painting in a cross stitch style!)

    Anyway, email me if you want to chat about the mugs and knitted patterns more: at and I’ll point to some sources of inspiration you may like.

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