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My first cross stitch work – Home is where…


Ha, the satisfaction of the finished project! But really finished, meaning the only thing left is to step back and enjoy. Unfortunately this does not happen often. That’s why I am delighted to show you my first cross stitch project, all done and framed.

This project will be remembered as the Summer 13 project as I started mid June and just finished it a couple of days ago. I didn’t have a clue how long it would take and I now know that cross-stitching is a slow but rewarding process. I also added some perfectionism in the mix for good measure: after the stitching was done, I started fixing one little flaw and an other, because why getting in the trouble of fixing one if there is a few more to fix, and next thing I knew I added several hours to the overall project.


Cross stitching is so soothing. The moves are quite easy and repetitive, it gets you in a rhythm which makes the whole thing difficult to put down.  I love how it allows to play with colours too. The final result is very rewarding.

I used some natural linen and a 2×2 grid because using only one single square would have made the stitches too small. The design is a mix between some free pattern found I don’t remember where online (if somebody knows where it comes from, please let me know so I can credit accordingly) and an italic alphabet found on this page. The embroidery hoop works just fine to frame it. I was considering decorating the frame in some way but finally left it as is. I am now hoping to make a lot of other ones because this one will feel a bit lonely above the mantel piece, where I plan to hang it.

3 thoughts on “My first cross stitch work – Home is where…

  1. Simply beautiful!
    Well done on your 1st cross stitch. Would never say it was your first one – so neat and professional. The pattern is lovely and the statement is so true ha ha. I do cross stitch too 🙂

    Lovely blog. Added to my blog roll.

  2. Oh yes! I love cross stitching – very therapeutic, calming, it gives you time to sit down and have a think about something or you can just entertain yourself while watching telly.
    I’ve been cross stitching for a while now, with on and off projects (large part of them being Scandinavian too! ;)) as I try to do other hobbies as well – cards, glass painting, still working on improving my knitting and want to brush up my crochet skills too! Plenty to do!

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