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You are beautiful – polite pocket mirror DIY tutorial


If even your pocket mirror says so it has to be true: you are beautiful! A while ago I had to use the bathroom at my therapist’s practice. On the mirror above the sink was a sticker reading “you are beautiful”. This stuck such a big smile on my face I thought I should repeat the experience. Here you go: I show you how I customised my pocket mirror with some washi tape and tracing paper.


To customise your pocket mirror you will need:

  • A pocket mirror ;
  • Some washi tape ;
  • Tracing paper ;
  • A letter stamp set ;
  • Double sided sticky tape ;
  • Ink pad ;
  • Cutting mat ;
  • Paper knife.

1 – Prepare some washi stickers

Stick some washi tape on your cutting mat. With your paper knife cut some shapes of your choice. I used only one heart but you could go for dots, stars, etc. If you are not comfortable with free hand cutting them, trace them with a pencil beforehand.


2 – Cut out the tracing paper piece

Cut a piece of tracing paper to fit your mirror. Using the letter stamps, write “you are beautiful”, playing with letters alignment can make it even more happy looking. Add some stickers or happy smiles. Stick double sided tape all over the back of the tracing paper and stick on the mirror.


3 – Optional: decorate outer mirror

My mirror outer was ugly to start with so I also gave it a makeover using matching washi tape stuck in stripes.


I can tell you this is really working: I feel better just by looking at it!

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