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Pattern and colour love


This is not a really crafty post but I had to shate my joy with you guys. This Fossil bag is the latest addition to my collection of handbags. I don’t collect them by pleasure you know, these are heirloom my daughter will get one day and will pass them on. Anyway I am absolutely in love with new handbag.

As I was rummaging through my kitchen drawers I came across this sandwich bag I purchased from the lovely A Thread of Grace Etsy shop. I have to say these sandwich bags are so cute I can’t get myself to carry sandwich in them. So I decided it would be my make up pouch and look: how the colours and patterns of both bags go well together. A match made in heaven. This kind of stuff surely helps make my life better anyway.

4 thoughts on “Pattern and colour love

    1. Exactly. I believe it used to be a total no-no, for instance when I was growing up. But this is now one of my favourite combo. And what about purple and orange?

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