Summer time – shop update


How come it is summer already? I am barely recovered from Christmas! Anyway, July will be a summer break for La Creature and I. We don’t take the month off but two young people will join us you as school is off. I love spending more time with the kids and making special things with them over summer. Between summer camps and other activities I will have time for business but will have to make some adjustements to my usual routine:

  • Supplies shop La Creature Boutique closure – orders placed after Tuesday 2nd July at 5.00 pm will be process on Monday 22nd July.
  • Home Decor shop closure – orders placed after Tuesday 2nd July at 5.00 pm will be processed on Monday 22nd July.
  • I will blog only once a week for most of July weeks. I will use the extra time to reflect on this blog and get ready for more stuff. I  plan a serie of posts on printing fabric, I would like to share more on the lifestyle aspect of this blog, etc.

While I’m at it I would like to thank all my readers, followers and commenters: running this blog really rocks and made my life more beautiful in many way.

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