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Scrabble Art – Fab Irish crafter interview

Ireland is a fab country because of its people, country side, food, folk art and the list goes on. More specifically everyday I am amazed by the quality of Irish craft and design. But I am just as stunned by how little some Irish people think of their country. That’s why I have decided to do my bit in bringing the morale up: each month I’ll showcase a talented Irish crafter. The first one to answer my tricky questions is Aisling from Love Letter Arts. I just love Aisling’s work: she knows how to play with letters to create modern, simple yet elegant displays. Have a look below and you’ll see what I mean.


 • • •

How long have you been a crafter?
I started last summer, but always had an interest before then.

What are you making? Tell us about your favourite crafts, whether they are for business or pleasure?
Mainly, I make pictures from old and new scrabble tiles. Usually for families, but also for new babies, weddings, special occasions, the list goes on. I also love working with wooden shapes and forms. I hand paint and embellish wooden hearts, stars and houses, and can see myself doing more of that in the future. I sometimes get commissions for paper cuttings and that too is something I’d like to have more time to explore. All of these started for pleasure but then friends wanted one, then friends of friends, and the list grew.


Where do you get your inspiration from?
I like to make things I would like to see in my home, so often my ideas come from that. I love the idea of representing the family unit, and that is where the scrabble pictures all started – I wanted a way to show our 5 names but had no idea how to do it. Then I thought of scrabble, a game we play a lot, and how tactile the tiles are and I wondered could they stand on their own in a frame. When I tried it I realised they could, especially the rare or unique vintage tiles. Some of them are really beautiful and deserve to be framed. I also love letters themselves and the potential they have to express any emotion. In all my crafts there are letters in some shape or form.

Something you wish you knew when you started your craft business?
To value yourself and your work. People often tell me my prices are too cheap, and that’s all to do with confidence. I hope over time my confidence will grow, but for now I still feel like a stay at home mum having fun with tiles, stamps and paint.


What is the best thing about your craft business?
I find it so therapeutic. I do most of my work after my 3 kids go to bed and I sit down and lose myself in it. The flexibility is fantastic too. I feel very lucky that I can work the hours I craft around the kids, while still being there for them during the day.

• • •

Yes please Aisling, more of your lovely work. You can find out more about Aisling here:

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