Sunday Morning Quilts: book review

This brilliant book is not only about quilts, but also about how to make the most of fabric scraps by storing and using them creatively. Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison show us how to make modern cuddly quilts out of findings from the scrap bucket.

This is a great book for the beginner because they start by explaining the how and what of modern quilting. I am new to this and was delighted to find design, process and colour elements specific to this movement in one single place (instead of having to digg around the interweb if you know what I mean?). But authors also insist there can’t be any modern quilting without knowledge of the traditional way.

Before they present any quilting project, Amanda Jean and Cheryl explain how to manage the fabric scraps that most likely crawl around your craft room or your stash box. Although this is all old good sense, it was an eye opener for me because this is explained with the use for future project in mind. Remember my scraps organisation? I got really inspired by this book.

But there is more: 16 projects to use scraps and make bold modern quilts, most of them requiring close to none knowledge of the traditional patchwork blocks. Sunday Modern Quilts is about re-using fabric, making beautiful quilts and having fun. Authors seem to have designed this book as a suggestion and with a strong will for the reader to make each design their own.

If you’re new to quilting or don’t know how to manage you fabric bits and bobs, I highly recommend this book. My first quilt ever will be the Checkerboard design (page 128), I’ll be sure to come back here for an update.


This is not a sponsored post. However I am part of the Amazon Associates Programme. If one of my readers clicks on the amazon links (first picture and first link of the post), I would earn a percentage of their purchases with Amazon.

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