Washi tape crafts – roundup


Washi tape is brilliant because it is lovely, easy to apply, easy to cut by hand and can be peeled of and re-used if needed. This is ideal to add this one little touch of happiness to our daily things and make our life more beautiful. After posting the washi tape pencils tutorial I scouted the web to see what else I could use washi for. Look at what I found: here is a selection of my 5 faves but there are lot more out there…

1 – Keyboard

I am giggling because this is gorgeous AND because I am picturing my guy’s face when I show him his Mac keyboard all customied.


2 – Clothespins

Erlend at Morning Creativity came up with these adorable clothespins, just try and say you don’t need some.


3 – Stickers

Shape it and stick it all over the place. Ho, the possibilities!


4 – Tea light candles

Some washi tape makes tea light candles way more interesting, they don’t have to hide inside a lamp anymore!


5 – Spring card

Blogger Bethany Crowell created this superb card. I love the design and it shows very well how washi tape is versatile and can be written on.washi-tape-card

As I am slightly obsessed with washi tape, I have created a Pinterest board with my favourite tutorials and inspirational pages.

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