Make monday – washi pencils tutorial


After an eventful playdate where the kids ended up showering at the garden tap, I treated myself a quick and yummy project. I had a pack of blank wood pencils awaiting for a makeover so I decided to give them the washi tape treatment. It had the unexpected side effect to get my own kids very quiet as they watched me and immediately required their own washi pencil. Here is how I did in a couple of  steps…


To make your own washi tape pencils you will need:

  • pencils – they don’t have to be blank but I suspect it works better with the round shape ones ;
  • washi tape ;
  • paper knife ;
  • pencil parer.

1 – Cover

Cut a length of washi tape about 2cm – 1” longer than you pencil. Stick it on one side of the pencil length. Cut an other length of washi tape and stick it on the remaining space to cover. With some designs (for instance diagonal stripes) you may need to cut a longer bit to make sure you can match the pattern properly. You now have a pencil fully covered in washi tape, including most of both ends.



2 – Trim

With your paper knife, trim ends to expose the rubber part (follow the rubber ring lead). Roughly trim to expose the lead and finish up with your pencil parer.



That’s all. That was really a couple of steps wasn’t it?

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