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My feel good crafts


Last week I explained what was working for me when it comes to taking care of my mental health. Crafts are a big part of this. I need to craft/make/fix something everyday to really feel myself. Concentrating of something else than crazy thoughts helps with anxiety. Seeing and feeling supplies turning into something useful and beautiful is great therapy too. We all have our favourite and different crafts help with different issues but here is my hit list:

  • Knitting: this is my number one helper. There is something about the knitting moves that is deeply relaxing. Repeating and concentrating on the stitches helps me getting and staying in my feel good bubble. The feel and view of the fabric created by knitting makes me feel good and comfortable. The click click noise of the needles is also very important to me. That’s why I now knit only with specific brands of needles otherwise it does not feel as good. I also like a challenging pattern that makes me feel proud of my brains once it is over.
  • Hand stitching: lately I do more embroidery and I see how it can be relaxing but I am not proficient enough yet to forget worrying about the process and the result. However I do a lot of hand stitching with felt. Felt is great because it is so easy to work with and it comes in so many lovely colours. What I particularly love is how the stitching gives structure to what I make and how the stitches are part of the design (I loooove a neat running stitch in contrasting colour).
  • Colouring: this one is great because I can do it with the kids. We love our big colouring sessions whether we all work on one single sheet or we all colour our own picture. Though any image is good to colour (and I did my fair share of Moshi Monsters and Monster High colouring these past weeks), I find mandala colouring particularly soothing. My Dad even sent mandala colouring books for kids and they love it.

Writing this post I see I still have a whole world of crafts to explore and this feels good too!

One thought on “My feel good crafts

  1. I am sure that the good feeling of this is something to do with using the different sides of the brain. Your different activities reflect different needs – you have the mindless repetition of colouring and the brain workout of knitting.

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