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Hexagons and sashiko pillow cover – WIP



This is a story beginning with a dog. A while ago I made a pillow cover for Stitch magazine. Saturday the dog ate this pillow cover despite all my efforts to keep it out of her reach. Later on (but the two events are not linked) I was trying to coax all the little people to move to the kitchen for a too late lunch and she somehow hurt her leg. She’s actually ok but I felt so miserable and guilty that I was going to drive her to the vet before my husband convinced me it was not necessary. Still I was in no mood to go to my patchwork class. But I was not going to sit here loosing this precious craft time so I decided to make a new pillow cover using the hexagon block I made during my first class.


The patchwork class is held in The Knitting Room, a recently opened yarn & craft shop owned by the brilliant Carrie. Dublin Northsiders you should all go and check out her shop. She has a great selection of yarn and hosts a lot of workshops including knitting for kids, morning beginner crochet, evening knitting club. Carrie wants her shop to be a place for all people in the area to meet and craft. That’s why she also hosts non yarn related classes. I do Patchwork and it is just brilliant. Pauline is the teacher and she has an impressive number of patchwork and quilting years under her belt. She knows all kind of tricks and is brilliant at teaching total beginners how to make a variety of blocks. So far we have done hexagons, diamonds and cathedral window. I can’t wait for the next class: appliqué!


Anyway I decided to sew my hexagons on some calico. As I found myself with lot of empty space I thought it would be ideal to try out my newly stashed sashiko supplies. Sashiko thread is cotton made in Japan, it has a more coarse feel than classic embroidery cotton as we know it here. It takes special needles (quite long so you can push it through several stitches at a time) and a rather fancy leather thimble (to push the needles through cotton without hurting your finger). I couldn’t find those anywhere close by so I had to make a difficult decision: take the opportunity of my guy’s trip to New York and order from the Purl Soho (so so sad to get stuff from this awesome shop, isn’t it?). I am very proud to show off my gear, which of course include an absolutely necessary project zip pouch:


Now I hope I will be able to finish this soon as I am wondering how it will all turn up.

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