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April dress: lots of flowers


Yet an other dress from the Stylish Dresses Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori. This simple sleeveless dress can be seen on page 6. I picked this medium weight cotton because I fell for the flowers and the colours which is why the drape is different from the picture of the book. I totally love it, this is my favourite dress so far. The simple A shape makes it easy to wear whether you need to dress up or down. Now I am not a fan of dressing like a granny (yet) so I wear it with grey and black gear. But I can see it would be perfect with my emerald sun glasses and a chunky brown cardi.


This dress was the quickest to make. There are only two pieces (front and back) and some bias binding to cut out. This was a good introduction to bias cutting by the way. The project went all very smoothly until I reach the armholes and neck bias top stitching. My top stitching was initially in a contrasting aqua-turquoise colour but it was so ugly (May and Patrick would have died of a heart attack) that I chose to redo it all by hand. And I have to say I am quite pleased with the result: the light pink running stitching adds just the right touch of subtle shabbiness to the dress so it does not look too serious.


A note on size: this month I went for size 10 because the size 12 dresses I made from this same book were really oversized. Which is quite nice but in real life I am more a size 14 person. This should by the way not stay like this and I made sure I could easily down size the dress when needed.

While you’re here, why not having a look at the previous months dresses:

Next I want to work with chiffon and knits. Let’s see how it goes…

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