One creature, two readers and some lovin’


It becomes more and more tricky to follow blogs I like, mostly because the tools I used to do it are all closing down. Google Reader will be gone by 1st July and Hello Cotton is closing down on 11th April (the French version Hello Coton is still there though). I realise this is quite a boring post but getting the right tools is a big part of running an internet based business.

One of my (many) problems is: I am a category-holic. I enjoyed using Google Reader so much because it allowed me to use my very own and intricate categorisation to store each blog I follow. I have found Feedly will allow me to do exactly the same. Migration is seamless: you log in using Google Reader credentials, Feedly retrieves list of blogs and beloved categories. Once Google reader shuts down, Feedly will have all your data migrated on their machines so you can keep going as usual. I hope they have very big machines though, because it will be one hell of a migration/switch.

For Hello Cotton, I was able to export my blog listing in an OPML format. However Feedly does not allow to import OPML so I first imported into Google Reader which automatically synchronise with Feedly.

But you know what? I love to be part of a blogger community where I can connect with like minded crafters so I looked for something to replace Hello Cotton. That’s why I am now on Blog Lovin’ too:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

3 thoughts on “One creature, two readers and some lovin’

  1. I switched to Feedly and found I like it much better than I liked Google Reader. Just found your blog via your milkmaid skirt and I love your projects!

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