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Make Monday: Easter hat


Each Easter the craft biggie is the Easter hat for the school parade. This year I had clear orders: the missie requested white bunny ears and some eggs. For the rest I was allowed to make some decisions.

So I picked an Easter bonnet in some 1 Euro shop and some blue eggs nests. The 6 nests are sewn all around the hat border. I made the bunny ears with white and pink felt and added two layers of interfacing to make sure they stand up. I embroidered the bunny nose and moustache. Colourful brads fill the empty space between nests, whereas two smaller black brads make perfect bunny eyes. I allowed myself some eastery ribbon and would have add some flowers but was instructed not to ( 🙂 ).


Next year I will have to make two of them as my youngest starts school in September. Maybe HE will allow me to go wild with flowers?

3 thoughts on “Make Monday: Easter hat

      1. Hmmm? Not sure that I have ever really answered that – luckily our school stopped it before mine got too old! I think maybe letting them help make it may help?

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