Make Monday: cardboard bird house


Of course it is snowing today in Dublin, perfect timing for my rather springy cardboard bird houses. They are not real bird houses, meaning they can’t be left outside unless you have a thing for melted down houses. I designed them as a mantel piece decoration as I got seriously bored with my newspaper houses (they’ve have been here since Christmas).


These lovelies are made with light card board and are around 12 cm (5”) high. You can pick plain cardboard to decorate yourself or go for some patterned paper. To make one house you will need one A4 sheet. Time to pop bird houses all around the house!



To make your own cardboard bird house you will need:

  • Light cardboard (one A4 sheet make one house)
  • Free template provided here
  • Scissors
  • Paper knife
  • Paper creaser
  • Paper glue
  • For decoration: paint and varnish

1 – Cut out the template

Print the template on light cardboard. There are two pieces – roof and walls: cut along the solid lines. Remove the dark circle using a paper knife.  Mark a crease along all the dotted lines and fold inward (the folding lines are meant to be inside the house and shouldn’t show on the house outside).

2 – Build the house

Add glue to the A tape and stick to the B edge. Glue all C tabs to the roof. Leave the glue to dry.

3 – Decorate – or not

If you went for plain paper you can now decorate your bird houses. I used some paint and added white spots. Once the paint was dry, I finished it with some satin varnish.


8 thoughts on “Make Monday: cardboard bird house

  1. Thanks. The dotty ones are actually painted first then dotted have been added using the rubber end of a pencil.

  2. These are great!! I always preferred bird houses than bird cages 😉 ,and it gives me a great idea for my shop window. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Hi I whant to say you I go on jour Pinterest site, on your Craft for home. I can go for a first time but I never can return. The system said to me this pas is non existant. (excuse my english please, I hope you understand me). I only whant signale to you. Have a good day.

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