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Knitting gear organisation – crafty knitters


To conclude my series on knitting and crochet supplies organisation, I want to share with you some good ideas a came across.

DPN (double pointed needles) holder

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

It takes scrap of fabric and some wide elastic to hold your DPNs and your work in progress together. For this one I link to Pinterest because I was not able to trace a blog for the initial source of this so good idea. I am definitely making this.

No-tangle yarn box


A shoe box, some spare cardboard and four holes, that’s all it took Ansie to prevent her four colours of yarn from tangling.

Hang or roll needles organiser

Thanks to Jill‘s left over curtain fabric as it allowed her to make this lovely needles organiser that she hangs on the wall or can roll up when on the go.


All knitters seem to get great satisfaction from their gear organisation. I felt the same but in a way I’m sad I don’t have anymore yarn organisation toi do. Now to tackle the fabric…

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