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Make Monday: my project grab bag


After seeing these bags on Craft Nectar I got obsessed with them and stopped everything I was doing to make my own. The free pdf with pattern and instructions is available on All People Quilt website.


I picked some ticking fabric I had in stock (the one traditionally used to make mattresses) as I wanted to work it for a while. As it is strong enough I didn’t need any batting. For a modern twist I have cut the fabric in the bias and lined it with some purple cotton. At the time I didn’t own any purple thread so to top stitching is in pink, which works quite well. All in all a better result than my previous use of this colour combination (ahem).


This was a joyful project. There is a print at home pattern which requires some paper cut and tape. The instructions are very clear. This bag is quite easy to make, it could be a good introduction to stitching curves with a sewing machine as they are quite soft. I struggled a bit with the final step: folding in and top stitching the handles ends. The ladies in Craft Nectar say it can be made in one hour but my turn up time was closer to three hours. All in all a very good one, I will surely make more (one for each of my knitting WIP?).

On an other note, i was in Ikea this week-end and managed not to buy any fabric, vene the super unbleached cotton that was on 2€/metre. Not sure I will hold on any longer, my back brain is already plotting for a lonely non furniture-related mid-week trip.

I’m now off to Handmade Harbour for today’s Handmade Monday.

28 thoughts on “Make Monday: my project grab bag

    1. This is exactly the question I was trying not to answer. But the answer is not too depressing: I have 6 knitting/crochet live WIP + 2 I have put on hold. I’d better get my sewing machine to do some warm up exercises.

  1. I love ticking in sewing projects – it’s such a good, honest and down-to-earth fabric – and tough, too! Excellent, versatile pattern too.

  2. What a lovely bag! Thank you for sharing the link – I will beetle off there now and have a look as I love the idea of making bags, but am scared by the reality!! Simmi x

    1. It was ma first proper bag, I was scared as well for a while. But it turns out to be very gratifying and there is not really any size issue, so no need to alter the pattern, yeah!

    1. Thanks, I am glad to see you share my love for grey and purple. It is almost as good as grey and pink isn’t it?

    1. Yep, the colour is good. But don’t tell anyone: this is a very naughty fabric. I don’t know why but it keeps living its own life without any considerations for the project constraints.

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