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Make Monday: my January dress


What is going on here? A Make Monday posted on a Tuesday? A January dress shared in February? My friends, February is still young and I have plenty of excuses. I have secretly pledged a dress a month for 2013. 2012 was a no-clothes-shopping year for me. It was great: it saved plenty of money and allowed me to better understand my fashion self. I now know that I love dresses and I am wearing a skirt or a dress almost every day (nothing to do with the fact my jeans don’t fit me anymore). That’s why I have decided to build my ideal wardrobe through 12 dresses.

This month I made a dress from the Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori. I plan a full review of the book later on but I can already say it is a great book, the patterns are clear and the build up of the garments is quite clever. I wouldn’t recommend for a beginner as there are several implicite steps and patterns don’t include seam allowance. I picked design Y (p. 30) because it seemed doable to me due to the absence of zipper or button holes. But I had underestimated the front neck panel: it is not too difficult to build but keeping it flat and quiet as shown on the original picture is an other story. The opening does not seem to like 3D though you would have a hard time calling me busty.


I picked summery fabrics with apple and cherry pattern in red/yellow/green/grey blue tones. The idea was to introduce new colours in my blue-beige-grey-black wardrobe. It suddenly seemed too much colours for me so I immediately toned it down with full black gear. This dress is asking for a chunky knit kacket in green or light brown. I may tackle this next year, or the year after.

The dresses of Stylish Book Dress are designed to fit most shape of woman. It is true that this one fitted me but I could have put two of my bottom in the skirt part (I made a 12). So I altered the skirt and didn’t do any ruffle at the back (though the pattern is not clear if this is required or not). I have to say I love this dress. However it won’t solve the “are you pregnant” issue (people constantly asking “are you expecting?” and me constantly answering “no, I’m just fat”): you could hide one or two babies in here.

This sounds crazy but this was actually my first dress. I made skirts and part of shirts before but never a full dress. I don’t know yet what next dress will be but it will surely be fun: dress making is excellent. And a great excuse to hang out on online fabric shops.

7 thoughts on “Make Monday: my January dress

  1. I love it. Maybe as the weather cheers up a bit you may feel able to ditch some of the black? I am very impressed that you managed to not buy any clothes for a year. The best I can do is to only buy in sales!

    1. Thanks Katherine, you’re so sweet. I may quote you next time somebody asks when is my due date: “Sorry but Katherine said there was no room for a baby in me” 🙂

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