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Project fail: fabric bin to recycle


Meet the latest no addition to my fabric boxes collection. I have been making fabric boxes and baskets and so on for a while now but I never managed to get it so wrong. First the colour combination is somehow not working (it kind of makes me car sick). The design is just plain boring, nothing stands out. The pink stitches are a mistake but I had no choice: I don’t even own purple thread as I discovered a bit late. What type of sewist am I? And then the bulks and unwanted ruffles: ¬†I swear I have cut all fabric pieces to the right size but at the end they somehow don’t match. I hate it I hate it I hate it. Can you see even my USB cow is not impressed at all? I have kept this one as a memory of what not to do and use it as a thread catcher. Now this is proper upcycling.

3 thoughts on “Project fail: fabric bin to recycle

    1. You’re right, mistakes are very good helper when it comes to learning a new technique. It is funny how the failed object make me car sick though.

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