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Marino/Fairview Knitting & Crochet Circle


Something important and exciting is happening next week. No, I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day. On Wednesday 13th February is the first meeting of the Marino/Knitting circle. My blog and IRL friend The Busy Mama got us a place to meet (the CY on 80 Philipsburgh Avenue) and this will be great.

The idea is to get a place for knitters of all ages and abilities to meet and share and drink tea of course. You bring along a project you’re working on or you would like to get started. If you’re stuck or would need to learn a new technique there will certainly be someone able to help you on the day.

We are all excited and busy recruiting people. Every time I’m knitting in public I got questions and make sure to mention our group. One of the ladies involved even try to recruit me on Saturday, how funny. The more the merrier so if you are in the area or close by drop in:

– When: Wednesday 13th February and on the second Wednesday of the month thereafter at 8.00 pm
– Where: CY (CYMC/LC), 80 Philipsburg Avenue, Fairview, Dublin 3 (free parking at the rear of the building)
– Cost: €4 per person (against the location of the room)
– Contact: we also have a Ravelry group here.

So pass the word and get those needles ready to rock.

2 thoughts on “Marino/Fairview Knitting & Crochet Circle

    1. Yes it is a shame. But if you happen to wander anywhere close to Dublin on the second Wednesday of the month you are very welcome to join us.

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