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Yarn: organised!


Please take a look at the image above: this is a picture of my newly organised knitting stash and tools. Doesn’t it draw you to these two conclusions: 1) I own an unhealthy amount of yarn ; 2) I have a soft spot for blues and greys. Yep, that’s the problem with organisation: it gets people look at things as they are.

As soon as I was done, my first move was to make a new new year resolution: knit at least two of these shelves before I buy any new yarn. I first thought I would order them by colour but it would have taken ages, so I stuffed them on the shelf as I could. But at least now it is all accounted for: I am in the process of adding all these babies to my Ravelry stash, just as I did for my needles and hooks.

And look at the top shelf: here live my pattern and circular needles binders, my straight needles organiser and my red box (aka: bits and bobs knitting box) where I store waste yarn and other notions. Readers, this is a great step for craft organisation in my humble house.

6 thoughts on “Yarn: organised!

    1. I was the same but thought I would be more able to see what I have by putting all ion one place. I didn’t suspect I had so much!

    1. Ho, I have so many planned projects. Basically bottom shelf is for a dress and a yummy jacket that are my ongoing and next ones. Top shelf is for my shade of blue granny squares blanket. And in between, I don’t know. it will take a while to clear this all…

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