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My new knitting project bag


After all the work I did with my needles and my yarn stash, I thought I couldn’t get any more organised knitting wise. I was so wrong. Because I grew used to them, I don’t notice anymore the various knitting projects (i.e.: yarn + needles + pattern) hanging out in various rooms, especially in the kitchen, sitting-room and my bedroom. But they are still here, none of the magic I (shyly) tried managed to get them auto-organised.


My plan is to have one knitting basket in each room and one project bag for each work in progress so I could store and carry it around the house, or rather from one knitting basket to another. I already have a proper basket for my sitting room (it will need a heavy makeover though, more fun to come). And I have now addressed my bedroom thanks to this darling fabric basket made out of natural cotton canvas and some cotton canvas.


I am madly in love with it because it turned out exactly like in my fantasy. It is 20x20x20 cm so it can be the home of two large-ish projects or several small ones (I know some knitters who have only one work in progress at a time, how, but how!). It is lined with same fabric used for the bottom trim. It also features an inner pocket to welcome scissors, stitch markers and all their friends. Two solid handles allow to actually carry it.


Design details: the lining overflows a little bit so it shows a trim of print at the top of the basket and outer stiching is made with contrasting colour from the print palette. I am about to make this basket a little brother that would sit in my kitchen. And then will I spend more knitting gear to organise? To be continued…

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