Make Monday: Fabric bow headband – DIY tutorial


Meet my latest obsession: headbands. Though I wear my hair quite short, the older I grow the more I feel the need to put things in it to look prettier. I know. Anyway, today I made a large-ish fabric bow and I love it, not only because it makes me look like a Christmas gift.


This bow is quick and easy to make plus it would allow you to use some of your left over fabric. Here I went for one of my favourite: a design from the Pear Tree collection by Thomas Knauer. Finished size is approximately 12×4 cm but you can easily adapt the tutorial to make any size you want. For instance, I may come back with a maxi bow one day.


  • Cotton print: a 14×12 cm and a 12 x 2.5 cm pieces;
  • Interfacing: 14×12 cm ;
  • Headband ;
  • Matching thread.

1 – Lay larger cotton piece on top of interfacing with right side up. Fold two layers together into two so the cotton right sides are touching (as shown on picture 1). Pin and stitch one smaller edge and the open larger edge.

Picture 1
Picture 1

2 – Clip corners and trim extra fabric along the seam. Turn inside out, making sure corners are coming up square: if needed you can use a pencil to get the corner into the desired shape.

3 – Fold in open edge. Pin and make an invisible stitch to close the opening (see picture 3). Press flat.

Picture 3
Picture 3

4 – With a double thread, make a running stitch along the middle line of the rectangle. The stitches should be approximately 5 mm long. Then pull the thread to fold the bow into shape (see pictures 4.1 and 4.2).

Picture 4.1
Picture 4.2

5 – Repeat step 4 if needed and until you achieve the desired shape. Tie and cut thread.

6 – Fold the smaller cotton piece into a tube along the longer side so wrong side overlaps right side for about 3 mm (picture 6). Fold in 1 cm along one of the smaller edges. Press flat.

Picture 6
Picture 6

7 – Wrap around the centre of the bow to hide the stitching. Make sure the folded smaller end is on the top. Whip stitch into place as shown on picture 7.

Picture 7
Picture 7

8 – Stitch the bow on your headband. I went for an elastic one but it would also work with a rigid headband or even a hair clip.

Picture 8
Picture 8

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