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Circular needles: organised!

They say the key to happiness is to make things you love. I got myself a mega serving of happy by doing three of things I love most at once: I did some serious organisation for my circular knitting needles using some of my huge stock of office supplies. It may seem a tad nerdy I know but now I have got myself a tidy binder with needles ordered by size. To understand what a relied it was, have a look at how it looked before:


Sad but true: a paper bag full of holes made by all the needles and crochet hooks living here together and tangles as only them can do (I’ll address straight needles and crochet hooks later).

For this project, I was very inspired by the Purl Bee organiser tutorial. I got myself a new binder and plenty of punched plastic pockets for less than a fiver in a euro shop. To give the pockets a bit of structure I used the lovely paper provided in my January issue of Crafts Beautiful. A golden paper clip to close the top of each pocket, a label for the needle description stuck at the top and repositionable tabs to separate between each length of needles and that was it: all the office supplies I had accumulated these last few years were put to good use. I knew it!


Other knitters have picked other storage solutions such as:

Next week we’ll talk about straigh needles and hooks and then I can get rid of my old paper bag, finally!

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