One crafty year


No new year resolution: this is the resolution I make every year. But this year I want to set myself some goals when it comes to my craft and business. You may not be interested in them and I am sorry you have to read them. But if I post them here, I will be under a bit more pressure to reach them. So here we go.

In 2012 I learnt an awful lot of tricks and techniques:

  • How to felt wool (with washing machine, with needles and with soap and water) ;
  • How to hand print fabric (stencil and screen printing) ;
  • How to crochet ;
  • Some advanced knitting stuff (lace, short rows, kitchener stitch, etc.) ;
  • How to better use my sewing machine (zip, button hole, etc.) ;
  • How to take pictures using a light box.

Here are the techniques I would like to learn or to get an introduction to in 2013:

  • Letterpress printing because I have been obsessed with this since I was a little girl ;
  • Block printing fabric especially because it involves carving soft materials (and because my mum has placed an order with me)  ;
  • Ceramic – I would love to make my own cereal bowls and large tea cups ;
  • Picture editing with Photoshop: my product pictures often lack light and crispiness ;
  • Traditional embroidery stitches (French knot, stem stitch, chain stitch, etc.): the drawing of the thread on a light fabric really appeals to me and it is an other way to play with colours, which I love ;
  • Patchwork and quilting: I have this fantasy of replacing all the dull fleece blankets in the house with home made and colourfull quilts (it may take a bit more than one year, I know) ;
  • Drawing: this one should be first on the list because drawing is the thing I need to do when designing a product though I am only badly self taught and I feel it is holding me and my business back.

We’ll talk again at the beginning of 2014 to see if I made it. What about you readers? Are you the resolution type? Any fancy or funny ones you want to share here?

9 thoughts on “One crafty year

  1. I’m like you – I rarely make resolutions. The only thing that comes close is to knit from my stash this year, and that’s pretty much because having gone back to college in September I really have no yarn budget.

    1. I think this is the best and harder resolution a knitter could make 🙂 All the best to you. Does college leave you some time off for knitting?

      1. Unfortunately not, unless it’s very basic. But maybe my time management will be better this semester. I can only hope :/

  2. I have resolved to be more careful with my clicking! I blocked you by mistake on Twitter just now with a slip of the cursor, and undid it successfully I hope. Sorry!

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