Zakka Sewing: book review

Zakka is a japanese term that encompasses household goods that are useful and well designed at the same time. Zakka is about making life easier and more beautiful. This book lists 25 zakka sewing projects.

bird pillow
bird pillow

This book litterally made my Friday. It is very well done, the foreword explains well what zakka is and where it comes from. The projects are absolutely gorgeous. One important thing to note: these are proper zakka projects designed by real Japanese designers, so with this book you get the real deal.

merci apron
merci apron

The explanations are clear, with lots of drawings and step by step instructions. Projects are rated depending on their level of difficulty which is good to know before you start a project. I also love all the little zakka facts spread along the pages, as it helps to understand better this style.

bunny wallet
bunny wallet

All in all a very inspirational read as far as I am concerned. I have owned this book for a week only, and I already have several projects queuing in my head. Plus the ones from the book I will actually make. I will probably start with the merci apron or the sashiko tea towel. Then I could make some sashiko stitching from my own pattern for a pillow cover. The bunny pencil case and the house mug mat from the book are also to die for. Something tells me 2013 will be a busy year…


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4 thoughts on “Zakka Sewing: book review

    1. Didn’t have time to make any of those yet, but dying to. Made some sashiko stitching experiments though, post to follow.

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