Advent calendar update


Life is full of surprises my friends, and so are Advent calendars. Ha. Ha ha. Remember my great project involving making 24 cardboard houses and coming up with matching number of Christmas experiences? It didn’t happen because this year, this is where the surprise lies, I had to do Christmas shopping. Shocking, huh?

Anyway I came up with plan B the day before the 1st December. The calendar is now made of brown enveloppes with peg hanging on a rustic jute twine. Number labels have been found on a blog and I forgot to make a note of which one. If it is yours or you know which it is, please let me know, I would credit as should be. And look the little houses have been put to use as part of a pretty Christmas village. I am quite pleased with the result, you may not but this is because the picture is a really bad one, sorry about that.

Now for the content of the enveloppes. I have to admit I never came up with 24 appealing enough Christmas experiences. I was going to use things we do anyway (like: decorating the tree, writing a letter to Santa) along with funky ones (for instance going to bed late, have hot chocolate and toasts for diner) but I didn’t have 24 of them. I need to start thinking now so I have them all piled up for next year. I could use some help by the way. What about we start a virtual long term brainstorm group?

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