Crafting with kids: quick treasure map and chest how to

The other day the kids and I had a great time making pirate stuff. Today I share with you a quick how to for our homemade treasure map and chest.

Treasure map

To get an antique looking treasure map, you will need some coffee (instant or not). Make a ball out of a sheet of paper, pressing hard to be sure you will get nice fold marks on your paper. Flatten the paper and get it to soak in coffee for 10-15 minutes. Remove and let dry. In the meanwhile, source an old map on Internet. Print it on the dry and creased paper. And voilà.

Treasure chest

Find a card box with a lid. Cover in kraft paper. Draw or paste a skull head on the lid. Fill the box with treasures such as: beads, feathers, necklaces and rings, pretend notes, etc. Now you’re ready to play pirates with the kids.

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