Tips for sewing with felt

Hand stitching felt creatures is one of my favourite things. I have been doing this a lot for a bit more than a year (note to self: prepare a post about how I forgot to celebrate this blog first birthday) and I picked some tips along the way. Though felt is a very easy material to work with, some of these tips will help make your work closer to perfection.

1 – Don’t stitch too close to the edge

Though felt does not fray, edges can tear if the stitch is too close to them. I have found the good distance to bee 1-2 mm.

2 – How to erase a needle hole

Damn it, you have stitched at the wrong place, you can undo the stitch but there is still a hole. You can make the little hole disappear just by using the tip of a needle to move fibers a little bit around. Tadaaa!

3 – Hide start and end of the stitching between layers

For a neta finish, start and end of the thread should be hidden between the two layers you are stitching together. The starting knot can be hidden by passing the needle from wrong to right size. When it is time to make the final knot, work in between the two layers of fabric.

4 – Don’t store light colours next to darker ones

If you have baby pink and a charcoal felt sheets stored together, you may find little dark fibres on the lighter colour. This is one of the reason why I organise my felt by colour (and also because it looks pretty). On the same note: cutting felt tends to create some dust.

More tips to sew with felt in previous posts:

After reading this post you may fancy some felt hand stitching. Check out my tutorials section, there are several lovely felt projects there.

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