Advent calendar – WIP + round-up

Last year I made a full felt advent calendar. This year I am going greenish with recycled boxes and paper.  The plan is to make 24 cardbox houses and to decorate them in various pastel colours, some with print patterns (newspaper, handwriting, music, etc.). A number will be stuck on each house. When opening the little door, the kids will find a treat. As they will have plenty of opportunities for sugar overload, this year we go sugar free. The treats will be in the form of a special experience: stay up later, watch a DVD in mum and dad’s bed, picnic in a tent in the sitting room, and so on.

This is still work in progress. So far I have only 6 houses done, thanks to Bella Dia tutorial. I am still finalising the print decoration as I would like to top it with a translucent pastel layer. I can tell you I am making an awful lot of trials while diner is cooking itslef (ahem) and that my working tops are full of Modpodge stains. Not to underestimate the task of finalising the list of treats. I have not even started on this one. Sigh.

Anyway, I have found a lot of nice tutorials and inspiring pages and I thought I would share some of my favourite here.

Packages by Englemor

Paper Christmas trees by Pink Suede Shoe

Knitted stockings by The Making Spot

Christmas bucket by Workmanfamily

Toilet paper rolls by Oh Write

For more Advent Calendar goodness, you can check out and even follow my Advent calendar Pinterest board.

5 thoughts on “Advent calendar – WIP + round-up

    1. You were so right! I gave up the sugar free option and went for one treat a day. Also gave up using the houses for the calendar, though they will still be part of my mantel decoration.

  1. I know, but I couldn’t find enough ideas and it all starts tomorrow. But I keep the idea for next year 🙂

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